Wire Rods

Wire rods are used in industrial fasteners, auto components, welding and the likes. These products attribute to high quality mechanical & chemical properties, high carbon grades & electrode grades. Our advantages include a rich line-up of products, a wide range of size variations, excellent surface quality and optimal quality design for application and processing. We offer a wide product line to meet the sophisticated and diverse needs of the market.

We strive to deliver quality products and services that suit our customer’s needs quickly. We keep pushing our product development to anticipate our customer’s needs in the future. We source wire rods with high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality products with the use of the right equipment and machinery. Through optimal component control and rolling texture control according to the application and processing, we provide products with a range of superior processing characteristics.

  • Max. Weight - 2.3 MT per coil
  • Material - Low/ Medium and High Carbon
  • Diameter - 2.8mm to 10mm
  • Electrode wires
  • General purpose wires and rope wires
  • Production of wire mesh
  • Earth wires
  • Vineyard wires
  • Industrial wires and detonator wires
  • Umbrella ribs
  • Staple pin wires
  • Springs, fasteners, bolts and chain rivet wires
  • Needle wires and safety pin wires
  • Hose reinforcement wires and cycle spokes

Grades & Specifications

Steel Cord / Bead Wire / Hose Wire / Sawing Wire SAE 1070 / SWRS 72 A; SAE 1080 / SWRS 82 A; SAE 1090 / SWRS 92 A;SWRS 92 A mod.
Prestressed – Concrete SAE 1084; SAE 1084 Mod.
Low Carbon for Steel Wool SAE 1013 Mod.
Low Carbon - Drawing QualitySAE 1005; SAE 1006; SAE 1008; SAE 1010; SAE 1015; SAE 1016
Low Carbon - Mesh QualitySAE 1005 Mod.; SAE 1008 Mod.; SAE 1010 Mod.; SAE 1012; SAE 1015
Medium* and High** Carbon – Drawing QualitySAE 1045 Mod.; SAE 1050; SAE 1055; SAE 1060; SAE 1065 Mod.; SAE 1070 Mod.; SAE 1070; SAE 1078; SAE 1080; SAE 1084 Mod.; SAE 1084
Cold Heading QualitySAE 1005 Mod.; SAE 1010; SAE 1015; SAE 1018; SAE 1020; SAE 1022; SAE 1038 Mod.; 5135; SAE 5140 Mod.; SAE 10B22 Mod.; SAE 10B30 Mod.; SAE 4135D; SAE 4140D; .9B
Spring: Suspension / clutch / industrial applicationSAE 9254; SAE 5160
Cold Drawn Bars (SBQ)SAE 1005; SAE 1010; SAE 1015; SAE 1018; SAE 1020; SAE 1022; SAE 1025; SAE 1030; SAE 1035; SAE 1040; SAE 1045
Steel for WeldingAWS A5.17 EL12; AWS A5.17 EH 11K; AWS A5.17 EM12K; AWS A5.25 EM13K-EW; AWS A5.1 E6010; AWS A5.1 E6013; AWS A5.1 E7018; AWS A5.1 E7024; EN440 G3Si1 (SG2); EN440 G4Si1 (SG3); AWS A5.18 ER70S-3; AWS A5.18 ER70S-6
Free Cutting Steel (Ressulfurized)DIN 11SMn37
Rolled — "Flat Wire" (Oil)ySAE 1065 Mod.; SAE 1037